Where to visit in Ninh Binh this late winter 2017? Buckwheat flower gardens!



Buckwheat flower in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is considered a land of natural beauty that the first visit is never enough. If you add “Coming back to Thailand” as your New Year’s resolution, do the same with a Ninh Binh Day Tour. Getting familiar with Trang An Landscape Complex, Bai Dinh the most majestic Pagoda, Tam Coc (Three Caves) attractions, you are no longer bored because of Buckwheat Flower Garden here.

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Located inside the most favorite Thung Nham Forest (Ninh Hai Ward, Hoa Lu district) where attracts thousands of bird species included rare ones, this new garden is quickly marked as must-go attraction for both locals and foreign tourists to visit when coming to Ninh Binh.

For more details, this flower seed was taken from Ha Giang province – the North point of Vietnam where buckwheat flower was first explored and renowned later because of its beauty when getting together.  Well grown up in the climate of Ninh Binh, the very first huge garden then appears to attract lots of visitors coming and enjoying it.

Ninh Binh Day Tour Vietnam Travel Consultant

Lots of South tourists visited popular attractions in Ninh Binh and wish to travel further to the Northern like Ha Giang just for buckwheat flowers. Now they just have to go 580km from Hue province to enjoy the best flower special of Northwest area.

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“The most impression on those gardens are the different colors of flowers that we have never found in Ha Giang before” – Ms Ngan from Nam Dinh nearby responded.  Trees are higher, more colorful and we took lots of photos there.   

Ninh Binh Tour is booked more than any time in year 2017 thanks to this special garden. A Hochiminh citizen - Ms Ha Nguyet said that she often only watched buckwheat flower on TV before and this lucky tour is a good chance for her and family to see the symbol of northern winter.

Please enjoy some buckwheat flowers on our journey to Ninh Binh:

Trees are higher than ones in Ha Giang Province

More colorful buckwheat flowers

buckwheat flower ninh binh tour

buckwheat flower vietnam

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