Vietnam Travel - Needs to know (P1)

Vietnam Travel consultant need to know


Vietnam is famous for many things, from rich history, natural beauty to local foods, friendly people and its distictive culture. Preparation for a Vietnam trip is not much, but you still focus on some differences in Vietnam.

1. Language: 

Of course it is Vietnamese. Because the letter system is almost same as other western countries, you can read their languages easily. 

Some of basic daily communication often used are "Xin chao" (Hello), "Cam on" (Thank You), "Xin loi" (Sorry), "Ngon" (Delicious), "Hay" (Great!).

If you visit big cities like Hanoi or Saigon, do not worry about language barrier. Lots of people, especially the youth, can speak English or Chinese. Or if you wish to challenge your body language, go head!

2. Power: 

Voltage 220 V 50 Hz. Power sockets A, C, and G.

3. Currency:

Vietnamese Dong (VND), USD 1 = VND 22,800  (Updated to December 2017).

4. Traffic:

Most people travel by motorbikes. Everything will be transported on that motorbike, from little trees to wide-screen TV. Spend a little time to enjoy the daily live spectacle, why not? 

Do not forget to cross the road in groups. It will be safer for you. Locals see the light traffic, but some of them may not. The feeling of crossing successfully is amazing, we bet!

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5. Visit time - Best when Tet holiday:

Tet is the most important holiday for every Vietnamese. Lots of people go shopping or clean up their houses and streets. You will encounter lots of locals here with friendly communication. That the life suddenly is more bustling shows more things for you to see. Then you can compare by yourself differeces with your own countries. Also enjoy special things that only Tet has.

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6. Top experiences:

halong bay vietnam travel consultantphố cổ vietnam travel consultanttràng an vietnam travel consultantcủ chi vietnam travel consultantchợ nổi vietnam travel consultanthội an phố cổ vietnam travel consultanthuế vietnam travel consultant

- Cruise on Halong Bay: Overnight on cruise is better than just day tour. Halong in your memory will be warm by fishmen, beautiful by nature, lively by exploring activities and romantic by night. 

More information:

- Old Quarter of Hanoi: Do not forget to bring your camera. Streets are crowded but that makes old quarter as it names - the district of commerce. Old Quarter - tiny but vibrant!

- Trang An Complex: Honored by UNESCO. Every tourist comes here, no one wishes to leave! Jump on a boat, then tour starts!

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- Cu Chi Tunnels: Understand how we affort to win the war! Also living conditions at that system reveal the price of victory. Must-try!

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- Mekong Delta: Locals with friendly smiles and lots of free helps impresses you. Enjoy the weird living - on rivers everyday, from dreams to daily transactions.

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- Hoi An Ancient Town: nice as a poem. Hightlight is the excellent combination of three culture: Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese ones.

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- Hue Citadel: Hue is home to the Imperial City of the Nguyen Dynasty - the last King of Vietnam. Visit the Khai Dinh tomb with elements of eastern art mixed with western designs. And lots of mascots need explained to understand more local cultures.

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