Unforgettable experiences only in South of Phu Quoc Island




One of the most awesome experiences here is watching the whole Southern Bay scenes from above while sitting on cable car named Hon Thom which will be in operation officially since early 2018.

A tremendous blue space of ocean is bordered with the poetic primeval forest, also the majestic hills and soft white sands.

Immersing yourself in those heavens means every sense is awakened. Your eyes open to enjoy the beauty of nature and your ears listen to the wave hitting the rocks whilst your nose breathes incessantly the fresh marine air. All encourage your hands to be touched to the turquoise water and your feet buried deeply in the sand. But everything has not stopped.


In the Southern of Pearl Island, never miss the sunset from Ong Doi Bay or you will regret. Enjoy the white and blue clouds smoothly to move, a light layer of smoke on the surface of ocean and a fabulous yellow circle in front of you.

Wandering your feet on the coast with your partners, and do not forget to enjoy the marine culinary from the master chefs here. Thousands of delicious seafood dishes are waiting for you. Why not enjoy at night? Watch the sparkling ocean surface while biting a piece of grill squids dipping in the special oceanic sauce made by locals. Drink a cup of coconut water to fulfill your day of rest.




Wish to be a real fish man? Try squid fishing at night! The moment you throw the net into the sea and patiently wait for your bait. The feeling of pulling very heavy net emerging from the sea empowers you and your strengths in front of the huge ocean. Do not forget to show us your achievements by taking your photos of you and your fresh squids.

If having more time, let visit the pepper gardens which turn our Pearl Land into the fame of worldwide pepper. Never say that the smell of traditional fish sauce here is annoying, it just reminds you the taste of rice and daily simple dishes cooked by our moms.

Real heaven is more than you imagine. You do not have to come to Thailand, Indonesia or Maldives to enjoy because South of Phu Quoc deserves a visit by you once. Join us to know what the best things in the world: BOOK NOW.  

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