“The Quintessence of Tokin” Evening Show – The artist beauty of Northern Plain



When you first travel to Vietnam, three regions of Vietnam welcome you by their cultural distinctiveness. If the Central Vietnam attracts you by the salty cuisine of ocean made by hands and rustiness of simple-hearted locals, Sai Gon in the South amazes you by its own boisterous dynamite derived from the more-than-60-year westernization beside superb existence of war remnants.  Turn back to the North, let immerse in the spiritual and cultural values of the ancient Northerners via thousands of exquisite symbols hidden in plain scenes involving in water rice paddles. If you are a cultural diversity lover, you are being invited to enjoy the show “The Quintessence of Tokin” that never gets you disappointed.

This evening show is a new tourism product specially made for international tourists who wish to experience six aspects of the cultural Quintessence of Tonkin: Poetry, Buddhism, Nostalgia, Music & Painting, and Joy & Festivities.  You are leaded from the opening fishing activity with the shout of fish men for a victory of fish catching. But the main point is around venerable monk Tu Dao Hanh – the father of Vietnam water puppet - and ancient Tonkin life. Then, a series of traditional music, spiritual world, water puppet, traditional paintings, festivals, maneuver and more  are depicted on the modern stage, between the nature and supported by tons of sound and light systems.

Not only opening up the cultural space of the northern delta with people's daily life activities, the show is more about an age of magnanimous history  under the unspoken precious values such as thirsty for knowledge, loyalty with the King and nation, harmony in living under natural conditions and respect and gratefulness. The uniqueness of this show is the contribution of all local farmers and families as actors with their simplicity. This very first real stage in Vietnam which brings the available natural beauty in each scene is able to drown audiences in its performances of music, color and light. Honoring the local art, all of performers scarify their feet in the water surface to present and inspire you the distinctive culture.

You will enjoy completed 1 hour show with lots of feelings and seems that you are into that place, those objects, and those people. This show is taken place in the local Da Phuc Village of the suburb Quoc Oai of Hanoi. It starts from 7:30 pm and transfers are included.  

Vietnam Travel Consultant Team is proud to be one of the tour operators offering the best rate for both solely show and tour packages (included a local dinner).  Contact us for more information:

Email: info@vietnamtravelconsultant.com

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