With Mr/Ms Stanislav’s family


Rose & Cooking Class was extremely happy to have the first successful and memorable Vietnamese cooking class with the whole Mr/Ms Stanislav’s family in 22nd Dec 2016.

We are very thrilled to hear that they had a wonderful time with us, learnt how to cook some of the most famous and traditional dishes of Vietnam and enjoined a lunch with us. They told us Vietnamese dishes were very delicious and different from other countries' in the world, our tour guide was excellent and humorous and in a word, ROSE & COOKING CLASS was extremely fabulous.

They felt very happy to bring the Vietnamese flavor to their home and tell their friends about tasty Vietnamese dishes, friendly people, magnificent tourist attractions and Rose & Cooking Class.

We impressed with the way they learnt how to cook Vietnamese cuisine and a very friendly and kind – hearted family. We exchanged many fabulous things of cultures of two countries and had an unforgettable time to share with each other about our lives.

Finally, Vietnam Travel Consultant would like to express our big thanks to his family and hopes that in the near future they will come back to Vietnam soon and we have still been glad to become understanding, experiential and professional companions.




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