Recommendation for Your Travel 30 April - 1 May


Have you planned for a trip on this special occasion? Let’s go with Vietnam Travel Consultant to choose the perfect place for your visit in Vietnam on this special holiday.

The Reuinification Day-30th/April and International Labour Day–1st/May is a speacial occasion to enjoy the summer sunshine. Blue sea, white sand and yellow sun or exciting travels promise a lively summer holiday.


For families and young men – Camping is a favourite activities of yourung men because they can both enjoy the private space and prepare everything for a real picnic themself.

Here are some destination for camping.

Dong Cao plateau – Bac Giang

Location: Dong Cao plateau is know as “ Mau Son” of Thac Son Commune, Son Dong District, Bac Giang. It is about 140km from Hanoi.

In the wind forest, Dong Cao is lush and green with small hills to create a magnificent view. On the sunny and windy plateau, the grass is swaying in the wind and the night is filled with sparkling starts.Here and there, the sound of frogs and insects are mixed with the voices of young men by the campfire. In the evening, the wind will lull you into a good sleep.

Transportation: From Hanoi to Chu (Bac Giang), you will pass by litchi gardens, then turn into dong bam and go straight ahead about 15km to the deserted land. Drive about 5km to Dong Cao. You can drive a car or ride a motorbike to travel here.

Duration: one and a half or two days.

Expenses: 500,000VND

Notices: You can leave at midday Saturday and camp overnight in the plateau. Then, come back to Hanoi on Sunday. Bring a tent, canvas, sleeping bag, warm blanket, flashlight and a cooker because nights on the plateau are rather cold. Remember to collect all rubbish before you leave. This area is quite far from populated areas and there is no fresh water. Therefore, you should prepare before you go.

Co To Island – Quang Ninh

Location: About 3 hours by speedboat from Van Don port, Co To is a perfect place for young men with magnificent beaches, fabulous camping and clear moonlit night. The island is comeposed of  three beaches. Uncle Ho beach expanding nearly 15km to the end of the island has a beautiful path surrounded by casuarinas trees. Hong Van beach located about 8km from the town is considered the most beautiful beach. The water here is very clean and clean. Van Chai beach is situated at the final point of the island. This is a wonderful place for witnessing the exotic sunset. When the moon rises and the tide retreats, a flat smooth sandy beach spreads appears.

Transportation: You can take a car from Hanoi to Van Don port, Quang Ninh (about 220km) in about 4-5 hours. From Van Don port, you can take a speedboat at 7 a.m to the island. After nearly two hours floating in the sea, you will arrive at the island.

Duration: 5 days – a week

Expenses: 3 million VND

Notices: Since the food is not very diverse on the island, you should bring some with you. You can buy seafood at the Co To market.

You should bring some mosquito spray for night time. In the evening, it is quite cold. You should put up your tent in a place protected from the wind. If you do bring a tent or flashlight, you can hire them on the island.

Ly Son – Quang Ngai

Location: Ly Son island, Quang Ngai province is about 20km from the city cemter. It takes about one hour by speedboat to get to the island.

The final point  of  the island near Duc pagoda is an ideal place for camping that is out of the wind and under big tree canopies. This place is near a village of local people, therefore it is easy for you to buy things if necessary. The small Ly Son island features rock formations on the beach creating natural corners and cuved beaches with clear, turquoise water. This is also great for creating shade during the day. Here, you can put up a tent enjoy the private space on a “private” beach.

Transportation: From Hanoi, you can fly to Danang. From Danang, you can take a car to Quang Ngai, and then take a bus to Sa Ky port. Stay a night on My Khe beach and take a speedboat, which departs once a day to Ly Son island at 7a.m in about one and a half hours. The speedboat will not depart on rainy day.

Duration: 5-7 days

Expenses: 5 million VND

Notices: You should bring food, drink and necessary things if you intend to camp. The food on the island is rather cheap with delicious seafood such as snails, squids or mantis shrimps. You should bring fresh water when traveling to the small Ly Son island. In addition, bring a tent, blanket and necessary equipment for camping.

To enjoy a fantastic camping trip, you should start with the following things:

  • Tent: You can buy a tent at travel stores or hire one. You can bring a double or quadruple tent depending on the number of participants.
  • Personal belongings: You should bring enough itiems for a picnic, including cooking appliances, snacks, canvas, blanket and soft drinks.
  • Camping ground: Whether you trave to the beach or to the forest, you should choose a peaceful and private camping ground near a fresh water source and local people’s village.


(For young men, who love adventures). Early summer is a suitable time for many interesting sports.

Kayaking on Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is tranquilly located is the south of Halong Bay. In particular, Lan Ha features small sandy beaches at foot of the rocky cliffs. It takes about 30 minutes to travel from Cat Ba island to this island by boat.

Lan Ha has many wild limestone  mountains separating the sea into small bays, many of wich have been unexplored. Here, you can go kayaking or take a motorboat  around these small bays, discover caves, dive to see coral reefs and lie on the small, serene beach. Besides, you can travel across Cat Ba National Park to view many rare animals and plants such as white-headed monkeys and pedocarpus fleurgi forest. Then you can visit Viet Ha fishing village, the wildest fishing village of Cat Ba island with fish and shrimp rafts.

Transportation: You can take a car from Hanoi to Cat Ba, Hai Phong. Then, take a boat to Lan Ha Bay. You can also go through Cat Ba forest to the bay.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 days

Expenses: 2 million VND

Notices: Lan Ha Bay is suitable for kayaking in summer. You should travel in groups with life jackets when kayaking in the bay.


Conquering Fansipan peak

For this journey to the roof of Indochina at a height of 3,143, you should book a tour and spend three or four days mountain climbing. You can follow three tracks to the peak. From Cat Cat, you will take the longest path across cardamom forests. From Sin Chai, you will take the most challenging path that sometimes, requires the use of a rope to climb up. From Tram Ton, you will take the shortest and the least dangerous path through bamboo ang Chay forests in about 2 days, including up and down.

Climbing up the Fansipan peak requires strength and spirit. With a long journey, you may get aches and pains. Many people give up before reaching the top.You will need a guide to carry your luggage during your journey and show you the way. However, climbing up the Fansipan peak is a wonderful experience for any body, who can overcome challenges and conquer the high peak.

Transportation: From Hanoi, you can take a train or car to Lao Cai, then travel to Sapa by car.

Duration: 3 million-4 million VND.

Notices: The best time for climbing Fansipan is from September to December. At present, Hoang Lien Son National Park is closed to void forest fires during the dry season. You should prepare carefully before climbing the peak. With this journey, it is wise to travel in groups with a professional guide.

Exploring Son Doong Cave

Son Doong cave, which was discovered in 2009 by the British Caving Association, is located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang (Son Trach – Bo Trach – Quang Binh). The cave is estimated to be the largest in the world with a width of 150m, a height of more than 200m and length of 5 km.

Son Dong cave is now accessible through Oxalis International Travel Company with a tour of 7 days and 6 nights at 3.000USD, including travel insurance.

Currently, more than 100 international guests have booked tours to visit Son Doong cave. The tours of international guests to the cave will improve conditions for local people.

The is a 7-day 6-night (twice a month) and a 5-day 4-night tour (three times per month) with a maximum of 7 guests. About 15 local people will carry personal belongings and necessary things for the guests. After the journey, guests will receive the certificate for “having conquered Son Doong cave – the largest cave in the world”.

Transportation: From Hanoi, you can take a train to Quang Binh, then take a car to the Ho Chi Minh trail and to the cave.

Duration: 1 week

Expenses: 300$

Notices: At present, few visitors are able to visit Son Doong cave on tours costing 300$. With this trip, you should be in good health because you will have to walk and climb up to the cave in the forest.


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