Phở Tíu – Another must-try dish of Phở in Hanoi



This special dish sounds strange even to locals though its appearance has been long time ago. From time to time, Phở Tíu has been existed silently in every cosy kitchen of Hanoian as a weekend lunch for children, create memorable childhood.

To be honest, Phở Tíu is still made of rice noodle, but served with sweet sour sauce and veggies to become a kind of salad instead of being a bowl with broth. Nowadays, this dish is more popular in menus of Phở store, ranking the fourth or fifth after popular Phở with beef or chicken, fried Phở and fresh Phở roll.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phở trộn chua ngọt

After Tết holidays with many traditional meaty foods like fried spring rolls, beef and pork paste, Chưng cake, Phở Tíu appears as a light brunch not only for your stomach, but also for your taste. This special salad is made of Phở as tradition, then some meat upon request, peanut, fried Thai red onion, corianders and a special sauce are served with lots of veggies.

The most unique thing lies in sauce where three types of sauces are made, one for sweet, one for sour and one for salty, perfectly combined in a bowl. Add a little cooking oil for soft layer of noodle and meat.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phở trộn chua ngọt

Peanuts and onions are a must to fulfil the taste. Besides, you can add yourself your favourite seasonings on the table like chilli sauce or cooking salt.

Phở Tíu is easy to be confusing with “Hủ Tiếu” – another type of noodles but originated from China and popular in every corner of Southern provinces. Therefore, bear in mind of Phở Tíu when visiting Hanoi and compare it with Hủ Tiếu if you have a chance.

Phở Tíu is one of must-try dish and apparently listed in our menu for Hanoi Foodie Walking Tour. Book us for this awesome experience NOW:

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