Must-do in Hoi An

Are you planning for a Hoi An tour and need a bucket list when being there? Here are our 8 suggestions for you!

1. Cycling around streets 

Unlike Hanoi the bustle and Saigon the crazy streets, Hoi An welcomes you by a fresh air with beautiful flowers and lanterns where you can find a peace in our quite shining streets. Lots of people walk in a slow pace. Some motobikes may awake you but not stay long. You get easy to escape from the crowds just by some steps to the next street corners. Everybody smiles at you. And one (and even more) cycling tour around streets is the best idea. If you are from the North of Europe, maybe cycling is familiar with you. If not, this will be the healthy activity that you can do. You are contributing a friendly environment action to protect our ancient town, instead of riding a motobike or a car. 

2. Tasting street foods

Lots of vendors with the shape of tiny but uncountable hospitality are on streets. In some minutes, you see them walking very busy with the carrying pole on their shoulders, but then quickly, you see them resting on the sidewalk under the tree shadow and selling one of the best Hoi An specialty. They are various from Cao Lau the heavy dish to Tofu the street food with ginger sweet soup that totally different from ones in Hanoi or Saigon. Sometimes, staring at their skillful hands while they are making food for you is definitely not an impolite. We even understand that is an unspoken compliment for us. 

3. Have tailor-made at the quickest

Nowhere except in Hoi An you can find a tailor shop that all of Vietnamese traditional dresses and suits fit excellently you. Every work is done at the fast, just after half day! Will you believe? That is the truth. Choose your favorite color and style, other will be carried by the tailors. Research on them before going shopping, then rate them for your satisfaction!

4. Joining a cooking class 

Though cooking classes are now available in all Hanoi, Hoi An and Saigon, each of them has distictive cookng methods and ingredients that will absolutely surprise you! In Hoi An where salty and spicy tastes are more inclined, the way people cook those dishes are also different. Enjoy a cooking class with locals to understand them and their life, you can bring their recipes home to treat your friends and families!

5. Relaxing at An Bang Beach

It is easy for you to reach this blue beach where there is a resort with private beach. Ideally, you cycle to this beach and buy some water because it is hot, and ask the shop owner "watch" your bikes while you are swimming. Then do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood and relax in the rental lounge. 

6. On the way to Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is a famous one between Hue and Danang city. It is worthy to have a motorbike along the coastline of Hoi An to reach this pass. The most spectacular coastline highways and its wonderful sightseeing will overwhelme you and your feelings. Enjoying panorama view of Danang city will end your wonderful journey with Hai Van Pass.

7. Hoi An at night

It may remind you of China Towns in your hometown, but Hoi An still keep its privacy and distinctiveness. At night, the streets are filled up with many food stalls, coloful lanterns and lights. You will see the hidden charm of every street corner, also the old walls of houses. You can see and talk with old people and take the impressive photos while you wander around the town. No better way to interact with locals by a talk about their life and behaviors. 

8. My Son Santuary Ruins

Honored by UNESCO, My Son Santuary Ruins is a world heritage, together with Hoi An Ancient Town. Travellng out of town 50km, you will visit Champa Old Ruins. It deserves to rent a tour guide from a travel company to better understand its wonderful history, culture and architecture of ancient Champas. 

Completing those 8 must-do, you will know that you have Hoi An in your heart and bring it home!



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