Most superb oases on deserts in the world



Here are 7 oases that you cannot take your eyes off!


Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (Brazil)

Being rewarded as a national park since June 1981, Lençóis Maranhenses is 260km far from São Luis City. Total area is 1,550km2. Located on the border of Amazon River, there is strangely no plant system here though having lots of rain amounts at the beginning of year.  This park is outstanding by marvelous white sand dunes, next to different sized lakes. The water inside is kept thanks to thick waterproof layers of stones beneath the sand dunes.


Wadi Bani Khalid (Oman)

This valley is the most famous of Sharqiyah, has a distance of 203km from Muscat, Oman. The uniqueness of those oases is that those are surrounded by green trees. Also there are some of interesting caves, including the Kahf Magal underground grotto. When visiting here, you will be amazed by colorful stone walls from red of iron ores to blue of bronze dioxide.


Chebika (Tunisia)

Chebika is an unfamiliar mountain oasis founded in Tozeur Governorate of West of Tunisia. It is located under the mountain range Djebel el Negueb. It is also called “Castle of Sun” as it often receives sunlight. This place is also important in terms of military strategy when it was army base from 30 B.C to 640 A.D. It has been famous since becoming scenes of “Star War 4” and “English Patient” movies.

Ein Gedi (Israel)

Located in the eastern border of Judean Desert, Ein Gedin s one of the pearl of Israel, also of the world. Stretching 14km2, this is a natural home of many creatures like goats and deserted cheetahs.


Crescent lake in China

6km far from Dunhuang of Gansu Province, China, there is a Crescent  lake with total area of 5.5km2, surrounded by Yueyanwuan oasis. Both lake and desert are popular attractions of this area. In 1960, the depth was recorded at 7.5m. However, it was narrowed to 1.3m in 1990. Therefore, Chinese Government enforced some supportive policies so as to limit the immergence into the sands.

Ốc Đảo, Peru, Huacachina, Sa Mạc, Cát, Ao

Huacachina (Peru)

It is a small village in southwest of Peru, bordered by huge sand dunes. This village was built near a spectacularly beautiful oasis. It has 100 people only though it is a favorite attraction visited by thousands of guests annually. In 1980, water stream suddenly stopped flowing into this tiny island, threatening the existence of all creatures. Fortunately in 2015, water was supplied back from a farm nearby, raise the level of water til 3 meters.


Ubari Oasis (Libya)

Ubari Oasis is a beautiful town of Fezzan of Sahara Desert in the southwest of Libya. 35,000 locals have been living here – the driest and hottest place in our planet. The average high temperature is over 40 degrees from June to September.

This oasis has little rain, even experienced no rain in a decade. Water is not for drinking or showering, but its unique locations also the natural beauty of plant systems make it be painting-like oasis, reminding us the tales of Arab Night.

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