Hade Rice – a super weird but mouth-watering dish in Hue


Hade Rice is a typical dish for cooking and decorating art of Hue culinary. On the way to visit Hue city, please stop for a while to enjoy this special dish. Although having a very weird name “the Hade”, this rice was from an anecdote that related to a King of Vietnam. When the King left his citadel for a short journey to get closer view to his people’s lives, he stopped at an old widow’s house for a rest. Because of her poor condition, she just treated the King – who is in appearance of a normal person – a dish of white rice and vegetables. The King was too hungry and tired so he finished meal very quickly. When he came back to his throne, he remembered the taste of that dish then gave an order to chef to prepare. But the chef could not make exactly the unique taste. The King decided to name that dish is Hade Rice as an explanation for the weird meal might come from the place that was not real – the Hade.

Hade Rice - Hue City Tour

Others have their own explanations for the name. For instance, a local revealed that the name came from a food store in the early of 19th century. This store, located at the deserted area, just served at night for people participating in festivals and traditional music concerts at midnight.  That store is small and not enough light with a tiny oil lamp. The dish was also simple with cheap rice, meat, vegetables with colorful sauces. Therefore, visitors often named this dish “Hade Rice”.

Whatever the name originates, tourists will be surprised when this dish is served. The most impressive here is vivid decoration and different smell. For traditional one, rice will be put in the middle, surrounded by different vegetables, grilled pork, omelet, shrimp and lean pork paste.  Everything then will be sliced very thin. Most importantly, rice must be soft and white.

Hade Rice Vietnam Travel Consultant

Guests may blend this dish by themselves then enjoy. A special recipe of sauce is made by garlic, sugar and lime juice. Pour fish sauce on the top of rice then enjoy them all like a local.

Colorful and tasty are two distinctiveness of Hade Rice. It was for workers who work very late at night to help them enough energy for a working shift before. Nowadays, it becomes a specialty in Hue. You can find it in the local restaurant at address of 35 or 51 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str. 

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