Flowers and Florists, cultural feature of Hanoi


Every early morning when the last night mist still cling to the city, sweet smell from many flowers carried by bicycles has spread over all streets. Flowers and florists, are the simple and familiar cultural feature of Hanoi capital. This charming feature has deeply lived in everybody's mind for a very long time.

Hanoi at night is so quiet and peaceful, but it is also time for florists to prepare for their next day earning money. Flowers have really become a spiritual demand and everyday habit of Hanoians. And flowers is  noted in the people's shopping list everyday.

You can find flowers with different species, scents and colors on almost every streets or areas in Hanoi such as Tay Tuu (Tây Tựu) in suburb, Quang Ba (Quảng Bá), or Ngoc Ha (Ngọc Hà), etc. Unlike Sài gòn where you easily see fruits sold everywhere, Hanoi has flowers as its special image. Every morning from 5 o'clock to 8 o'clock, fresh and colorful flowers are carefully wrapped in paper and carried on many bicycles which slowly passed by streets. You sometimes may want to follow these bicycles to feel the very simple and delicate beauty of flowers.

If in Saigon people buy flowers in the shop, in Hanoi most people find flowers the  street vendor, flower on the street or in the small market.

Like fruits, flowers have their own seasons. Rose, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, lily, lotus, sunflower, etc. appear in their particular seasons. Especially, roses with different types and colors appear in all seasons. Hanoi people love flowers so the family usually does not lack fresh vase. People like buying flowers from the florists because their flowers are always fresh and cheaper than any other shop. Flower buyers also like the warm, friendliness, and trustfulness of florists. Every visitor to Hanoi always has a deep impression of the bicycles full of romantic flowers slowly on the street or a long line in crowded places.

Time goes by, but those florist still there and simple life in Hanoi city. Simple and natural, the four-season floral cars add to the cultural beauty of the streets of Hanoi, enriching the rich spirit of the people where has the thousand years of culture.

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