When the client access to the web site we mean means a client with the terms of this account. The page page has permission to change, edit, add or lược bỏ any section in the Scale and Conditions that use any any any time. The changes has been effect when you posted on the web site without the message before. And the client continue to use the website page, after the changes of the rules and conditions to be uploaded, that are the quarter of the client received with the changes.

Please check to the regular check to update your changes.

1. Hướng dẫn sử dụng web

- When to the web of their we, the maximum user must be 18 age or access under the parent parent as parent giám sát.

- We are cấp phép sử dụng license for you can buy the shop on the web in the definition and the use of the use.

- Illegal use any any section of this page with the trade entry or the family list any third argument if if they are not allowed for text. If vi of any any any any in Here, we will discard your license that you need to be not before.

- This page website only use to provide your information information they are not a Vendor, the comment is displayed on the web that the web clients, not a their me.

- You must have a register account with the information information and must be update if any changes. Each access person must be trách nhiệm with your password, account and your activity on web. Hơn nữa, client must be reported for their know when the account is allowed to access. We don't give any tasks, any immediate or interrupt, for the damage or lost cool making your client does not tuân thủ quy tắc.

- Overflow too registered, the client received email quảng cáo từ website. Sau đó, nếu không muốn tiếp tục nhận thư, khách hàng có thể từ chối bằng cách nhấp vào liên kết đường ở dưới cùng trong mọi email quảng cáo.

2. Accept order and all

- We have permission to reject or discard your client because any any reason to any anything. We have been questions to add the number of the phone and the previous address when receive the queue.

- We are cam will provide the best information for the user. Tuy nhiên, duplicate while has an invalid occurrence, eg example as the field value does not display on your web site or invalid price, option by each fields we will the link or the report which for the client. We are also allowed to allow or discarding any any any items, but the specified item or not defined or have accounting.

3. Brand and copyright

- All rights copyright (signed or not logged in), information information and all text, text, graphic, software, images, video, music, sound, compile software, source and basic software is your account. Whole the content of the web site is protected by the copyright of the Vietnam and the international convention. Copyright was protected.

4. Legal law

- The conditions, the permissions and the content of this web page is adjust by the law of the Vietnam and the verictive in the Vietnam will be resolve the any any treat of the living use of this web page .

5. Defifying security

- Trang web của họ, tôi coi trọng bảo mật thông tin và sử dụng thông tin bảo vệ tốt nhất và thanh toán của khách hàng thanh toán. Customer information in the process process will be encrypted to make an toàn. Sau khi client hoàn thành too set, client will exit an toàn mode.

- Customers are not used any programs, any other tools or other formats for can thiệp on the system or making the data structure. You can be an invalid website, any broadcast or any weapon for any any activity to make a cash, breaking or enter the system's data. Personal or the range scope will be discarded all rights as well as the previous data before if required.

- All transactions information will be secure but in the case of the database requirement, we will need to provide the information for the financial law law.

6. Thay đổi, hủy bỏ giao dịch tại website

In all fields, clients are allowed to terminated transaction if following implementation after following:

- Notification for them to cancel the transaction through the hot lines +84 974 445 156

- Received the commodity received, but not used or any any any lợi ích from the commodity (by the payment of the change policy).