Admiring Statue of Liberty in Halong, Vietnam this Tet holiday!









Being inspired from the idea of wonders reunion next to the famous Halong Bay, this 4-week festival will be a themed attraction with special decorations and a series of cultural and entertaining activities that impress tourists during Tet holiday.


“The world” is the main topic for the beginning week of festival. Visitors will travel to the world in 1 day, from The Pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China, Roman Colossus in Italy, Eiffel Tower of France, Big Ben of London, Statue of Liberty in America and Opera House of Australia. The most outstanding will be a tremendous sunflower shining in pride next to Halong Bay. Those models made by 100% fresh flowers will be the unique points during the festival.


You will be amazedby other entertaining & artistic programs like Carnival Parade of international artists of Sun World Ba Na Hills, street music bands, traditional dressing performance and Tet celebration in Vietnam.

The second week’s theme is “Colourful wonders” where Ionah Show will mess up the festival atmosphere. That is also a lucky week when tourists join in mini game “Which flowers are you?” and get lots of presents.

Next week starts by theme “Proud of Halong” marks the beginning of lunar New Year. Thousands of provincial food specialty stores and flowers markets will be shown. A Street of lanterns is waiting for you, besides traditional cherry and yellow blossoms. Maius Philharmonic Brand will contribute for third festival week by Vietnamese remixed songs. Furthermore, a model of Halong boat will be made as a new hope of prosperous and lucky year.  


Last week will end the festival with “Reunion” theme, also the moment that every family will sink in traditional atmosphere, watch Tet mascots, join in traditional games, walk in Book Street, etc. Everybody at every age can take part in this biggest Northern flower festival in Halong.

Do not forget to have a sightseeing of Halong overall through the cable car The Queen, or visit little Japan with the famous mountain range Fuji and Koi fish lake. That will be unforgettable journey with you and your friends during Tet holiday. Enjoy now!

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