6 most renowned caves in Vietnam

Based on our own experiences, Vietnam Travel Consultant recommends here more than 5 spectacular caves that definitely feast your eye!

1. Perfume Cave - Hanoi

Perfume Cave

Located inside the Perfume Pagoda complex, Perfume Cave surprises you by its solemn look surrounded lots of light mist due to the high position. From the outsight, this cave looks like a huge mouth of a dragon with a sprakling tounge made of stalactites. Finishing nearly 100 steps, you will feel your own tininess and humbleness in front of Quan Yin Statue. Additionally, get free your imagination by guessing strange shapes of thousans stalactities while you are sinking in the coulds as if you are at the heaven.

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2. Three Caves - Ninh Binh

Tam Coc (Three Caves)

Three Caves or "Tam Coc - Bich Dong" is also known as "Halong Bay on land" because of its special formations from thousand of years ago. Your day trip really starts when you sit on a boat, amazed by underwater plants while enjoying the majestic mountain surrounding Ngo Dong river. The best thing mentioned is the cool weather you can feel right after getting deeper inside each cave. Not only watch those stalactities, you also touch them and even skilfullly cross them to approach next caves. Challenge yourself to get more memorable experience, why not?

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3. Dau Go Grotto - Halong Bay

Dau Go Grotto

Honored by UNESCO, Halong Bay is recently a must-visit attraction to all of tourists not by the history and anecdotes but the wonder itself. Dau Go Grotto is a typical example when you get through diferrent layers of space. The entrance is full of sun light which create a living for whole cave, whereas the second one is more shadowy but mysterious. The last space challenge your imagination by various shapes of stalactities. For a nature discoverers, you are satisfied for a moment of relaxation. 

4. Surprising Cave - Halong Bay

Surprising Cave

Exactly like the name, you will be amazed! You never imagine that the very tiny path you have to cross opens a large space of high ceiling that you never touch, tons of stalagmites from the ground continue wishing to meet stalactities from above, creating an exotic sight in a very natural way. Do not forget to look at the ceiling and ask the guide, why do we have sand coast on our head. The answer will surprise you!

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5. Phong Nha Cave - Quang Binh

Phong Nha Cave

Owning the rare majestic beauty, Phong Nha Cave attracts you by turning you become a truly explorer! The deeper the tour boat get into, the darker the cave, to open a distictive space from the outside. Now you may be the owner of a cave, or just a small living creature overwhemed by the spectacular nature! Explore yourself and boarden your mind!

6. Son Doong Cave - Quang Binh

Son Doong Cave

Risen recently as a new phenomenon in attractions for feet, Son Doong is famous for the most wonderful moutain river cave system in the world. Could you see a vividly little jungle shrunk in the most longest and highest cave? Here we are, Son Doong Cave! A growing green garden surrounded by massive mountain complex or a collection of pearl under more than thousand of years. However, this cave is under government control for further strict protection so that it is costly for a visit and you are in a waiting list. 



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