5 things to remember for travel alone



1. Prepare necessary travel applications.

Smart phones for searching and travel applications for planning.

Technology helps a lot for independent tourists in choosing places, planning then booking services. You can understand different languages, find the ways and book restaurants when in a new city or nation that never visited before. Some suggested applications are Google Maps, XE Currency, Accu Weather. Visit TripAdvisor to know how to enjoy a new place and choose which fits your styles. Never be afraid of new ways when you travel by yourself. With smart applications, discover new places by your favorite ways. Never forget to bring your phones and charges. Also prepare a favourite list of songs!

2. Ready to make new friends.

Get your network larger in new countries.

Have a quick but friendly conversation to hotel staff members or a new group of visitors and try to make friends. You never measure which kind of cultural values they could bring to you. Breaking the ice to people have a goodwill look, or the elders who often likes to share their stories, you are making yourself lots of new advices for the journey ahead. Be confident to introduce yourself, see what people do, discover locals, and enjoy wonderful moments.

3. Wisely choose an attraction.

Choose a place that friendly and open with you.

Preparing for yourself an accommodation to stay overnight is essential. A luxury hotel is not a good choice when its main guests are families and business travellers who are not potential to have a talk. They never have a conversation with you in breakfast or useful advises because of their busy schedules and time. Let choose homestay where the space is more open, full of open-minded and friendly people. You will be easy to get along with them and forget homesick. 

4. You are not a center of festival.

4. Try to be a part of local community.

You aware the most that you are a foreigner, but you do not have to show that. When travelling alone, let be a part of the local community and do not seperate to be different. This is so true especially when you are women as the most important thing is safety. 

5. Trust in yourself.

Trust in yourself and be happy during your trip.

If you feel something wrong, it might be truly wrong. Pay attention to enviroment around, and take care of yourself. Ready to change your plans if you are not comfortable any time. Whether time consuming or not, never regret that you did not what you would like to do. Your safety and comfort are priority.

Our valuable advices are for visitors who very first come to new lands. Let enjoy abroad travel experience alone. That will be an unforgettable journey to be told later, and be a preparation for tons of next journeys. 

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