14 Tips To Book A Hotel At Good Price

  • Book a room at corner

This room type has usually larger space while still keep the price. To do this, you are suggested by Pavini that you should not ask reception when there are lots of guests are waiting for being served.

  • Check-in at the end of the day

If you are raising a dream of upgrading hotel room, choose a late evening as check-in time. According to Pavini, some hotels wish to be filled at this time so they are willing to upgrade your room if there is still vacancy.

  • Last minute booking

Rosner reveals that waiting for last minute could help you make a good deal. Cancelling a booking often is from 1-2 days before, so room price is often cheaper.

  • Book a combo hotel & flight ticket

You are recommended by Belkin that buying that combo is much more economical than you imagine.

  • Register a membership of hotel

Complimentary room upgrading become easier is when you become one of valued client of hotel. You will have more chances to join private events, get some free night rooms and more.

  • Leave them your email address for hotel newsletters

You do not have time to follow room price, we bet. Therefore, let register to receive newsletter and treatment via booking websites. They will inform you best deal to make sure you do not miss.

  • Let them know you are a social influencer

If you have a great amount of followers on social media, or your words have its own strengths on favourite channels like TripAdvisor or Yelp, you should let hotel know. They may offer you some special deals.

  • Book a room in a new hotel

Professors suggest that booking a room in a new hotel not only give you a chance to receive more promotions & pricing but also a foundation for your relationship with hotels later.

  • Give them a chance to know that you are in special occasion

Even that is birthday, celebration, honeymoon, etc., just let them know. Sometimes, hotel will approach and offer you some attractive deals first. Additionally, your holiday will be made more meaningful.

  • Do some differences

Break the rule by booking a room at the weekend with business hotels while owning a room in weekdays at resorts.

  • Recommendations hotels for friends and relatives

This action is actually favoured by lots of hotels, hence they will give you some points to accumulate, or direct off on room price every time you introduce them for others.

  • Follow good deals of credit cards

Lots of credit cards offer good deal for individual travellers. Sometimes, you get a discount off from flights or hotel rooms when paying by credit cards.

  • Tell receptionists that your room has problems

Some issues may be about other noisy rooms or dirty cleaning. This loses a point of hotel in clients’ eyes. So some hotels will offer you a free upgrade for your staying, or a discount, or complimentary beverages at their bars.

  • Tip 14: Book with a credible travel agent

It is obvious that you can directly call to hotel to get the price, but …wait a minute! Is that really good? Never. Actually, a travel agent always gets the better contract rate, compared to a public rate, you know. Therefore, let call for a travel agent and ask for price. You even can compare price by yourself and make decisions.

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