14 Items For Travel To Vietnam This Autumn

14 Items For Travel To Vietnam This Autumn - NOW!

Sunshine and light wind fondle you while you are walking in Hanoi crowded street. Your sport shoes support you for every step you do trekking on Sapa, and the silk scarf buries you in your fellow's shoulder in front of the sea view of Halong Bay!

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1. Jean jacket: You will need it for the autumn evening in every city of Vietnam because the weather will be getting cooler at night. 

2. Cardigan: It becomes more windy during the day time though you still see sun light and feel warm. A cardigan prevents your skin from dehydration.

3. Silk scraf: For an evening walking at Hanoi Old Quarter, of course.

4. Short jean: is more suitable when you are in the Southern of Vietnam where the weather is hot year around. But forbidden in pagodas and temples.

5. Cotton dress: Makes yourself more graceful when travelling to Mekong delta.

6. Sandals: For a city tour and the beach, absolutely!

7. Sport shoes: A long trekking day may hurt your feet, but definitely not with sport shoes.

8. Cotton T-shirt: A shape of dynamic sporty to readily explore new lands!

9. Long skirt: It is convenient always. You are becoming more Vietnamese!

10. Bale Flats: Easy to move when walking and visiting an attraction. 

11. Pants: Avoid sun tan though it is cloudy some days and you will not see sun light.

12. Tote bag: For a short jouney. Why not?

13. Fanny pack: Easy to put money, passport and stuffs inside without worries much. Watch out regularly!

14. Suitcase: To pack all of the best waving us ahead!

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